allows you to create & sell Customizable Products

  • Let your customers choose the options they want
  • Personalise products direct from the product page
  • Enhance your customers' shopping experience

All products are covered by a 14 day money back guarantee

Prices exclude VAT, if applicable in your territory

Yearly licences renew annually; lifetime licences are a one-time payment.

WooCommerce Product Addons allows you to create & sell Customizable Products


WooCommerce Product Addons allows you to create & sell
Customizable Products

This plugin allows you to provide extra product options for your WooCommerce products using controls like check boxes, radio buttons, dropdown, multi select option, colour options, colour picker, date and time picker and input fields like text, text area, numbers, telephone number, email, etc.

The control options come with price and conditional logic attached. So, now there is no limit to how much you can customise your products.



user can design Booking System according to their additional Needs


Users can customize their Hoodies colour, design, size, etc. based on their preferences and then proceed to checkout

Users can customize their favourite Beanie with their preferred colour schemes, and add parts to the purchase.

WooCommerce Product Addons allows you to set up flexible pricing for the addons. You can set up pricing based on the following factors,

  • Multiply Cost with the Number Entered
  • Multiply Cost with Character Length
  • Percentage of Product Price
  • Product Quantity Based
  • Flat Fee

The plugin adds the price of all the addons selected by the customers and displays the combined Product Price. It also displays the price summary and list of all the selected addons on the product page, WooCommerce cart and checkout page. 



Users can select any one option from a list of options. Suitable for providing Product Size, Quantity, etc.

Date Picker

Users can select the date from a built in calendar on the product page. Suitable for providing Date of Birth, Event Date, etc. 

File Upload

Users can upload any file based on the requirement. Suitable for Images, PDF files, Text Files, Music & Media files, etc. 

Checkbox & Checkbox Groups

Users can choose single or multiple options based on their preferences. Suitable for additional items or services like Gift Wrapping, Insurance, etc.

Input Field

Users can input Text, Numbers, Email IDs and Passwords using this field. Suitable for getting customer’s details like First Name, Last Name, Email ID, Age, etc.

Phone Numbers

Users can enter their telephone number to get additional details about their orders. Suitable for getting customer’s telephone number.

Text Area

Users can enter a custom greetings to be added to the product. Suitable for getting Greeting Message, Address, etc. 

Time Picker

Users can select time from a built in time picker based on their preferences. Suitable for getting Appointment Time, Delivery & Pickup Time, etc.


Users can get more information about the product or the seller. Suitable for adding Product Information, Component Information, etc.

Single or Multiple Colour Options

Users can select any colour or choose from a set of colours based on their preferences. Suitable for selecting Product Colours, Packing Colour, Additional Product Component Colours, etc. 

Radio Button & Radio Button Groups

Users can choose a single option from multiple options based on their preferences. Suitable for providing choices based on Different Product Type, Gender Selection, etc.  

Multiple Selection Box

Users can select multiple options from a list of options based on their preferences. Suitable for providing additional services like Dining Options for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.